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William Chadwick 1879 1962 Impressionist Listed American Double sided oil , Oil on copper double sided miniature with portraits of husband and wife ,ca1775, MUST SEE BLOND LAB DAY AT THE BEACH SANDY OCEAN SIDE LABRADOR RETRIEVER DOG O C, FOLK ART DUBIC HAITIAN PAINTING DOUBLE SIDED PAINTED FOLDING SCREEN 52 HIGH, Leo Kahn: Flowers Vase Israeli Jewish German S Oil Double sided painting, Circus Side Show Style Classic HORROR & SCI FI Monsters Oil painting 10x6 FEET , Nice British mid 19C Pastoral w Collie & Sheep Flock in Country Side, Antique oil painting on board with house on side of pond 19th Framed, Dutch Post Impressionist Master Dorus Arts Country Side Oil painting 1940, Robert Philipp listed artist RARE double sided oil on board painting LOOK , Bathers on Beach Nudes Ceiling Double Sided Oil Painting 1930s 40s Claude Gallo, Conrad Buff Listed California Original Painting 2 Sided Landscape Oil On Board , Antique Portrait Miniature 2 Sided Glass Locket Case Woven Hair Note Inside, F.C. Von Hausen, 2 Sided Painting o c Nude West Palm Beach Listed Artist, Bohemian East Side Beat Ladies Card Game Oil, Nino Pippa Original Venice Side Canal Painting Highly Collectible COA 12 X 16 , TWO Original Oil Painting s on Double Sided Canvas Signed Listed French A. Genta, Vasili Karkots b.1926 River Ingul, Ukraine , Two sided Oil Painting, 1979, Mid Century Modernist Double Sided Oil Girl Friends In Landscape Portrait , MAN w. SIDE WHISKERS, GLASSES and HAT, Rare Alpenore Gobbi Antique Original Oil On Panel Side Portrait Painting, VITTORIO GUSSONI VINTAGE ITALY ORIG.TWO SIDES PAINTING OIL ON PANEL FIGURES SIGN, JEWISH JUDAICA OIL PAINTING LOWER EAST SIDE BY MIRSKY WPA ARTIST 1930S MAJOR ART, Antique Oil on Canvas Double Sided Horse Landscape Painting Art OLD ESTATE FIND, Paul Nelson 1849 1934 : THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BAY, European double side oil circa1923 maybe Millennium Obelisk Tiszafüred Hungary, Victor Simonin Belguim Oil Panel Double Side Still Life Paintings Circa 1900 , Vasili Karkots b.1926 , Forest Pond , 1970s, Two sided Oil Painting, RARE 1800 XL Antique Military Painting 2 Side PORTRAIT Trade Pub Sign, COLLECTIBLE MATADOR WE ALL HAVE A STRONG SIDE TO US WHEN WE FACE THE WORLD, Double Sided Art Original Oil Painting on Board by Robert Foster Cover for Book, MUSTAFA AYAZ SIDE BY SIDE 1996 | ORIGINAL OIL CANVAS | 18 X 20 | SEE LIVE , Yuval Kanev Israeli Art Original Oil on Board Two Sided Painting , ORIGINAL AMERICAN OIL ON BOARD TWO SIDE PAINTING BY SARAH S. MUNROE, ANDREA BADAMI Horse Guitar Oil Painting Listed Artist Folk Art DOUBLE SIDED , Nathaniel Hone the Younger Irish Painting Country Side Horse Crossing River, Travelers Figures Path & Water Rapids Country Side Landscape Antique Oil c.1850

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